Welcome to the Western Pennsylvania Educational Consortium in partnership with Waynesburg University!

What is WPEC?

The Western Pennsylvania Educational Consortium is an initiative sponsored and facilitated by Waynesburg University that promotes excellence in teaching through professional development workshops. The WPEC was founded in 2011. Workshops are offered four times each school year at the Waynesburg University Southpointe Campus during the workday.

Who Attends WPEC workshops?

Letters of invitation to join WPEC are sent to Superintendents in western Pennsylvania districts in August preceding the new school year. Each district is encouraged to send at least two teacher leaders who would benefit from learning leadership skills, educational trends, effective teaching strategies, and ways to integrate technology in the classroom.

Who Facilitates the WPEC Workshops?

The WPEC Workshops are conducted under the leadership of Dr. Lawrence Kushner, Director of Graduate Education Programs in Education and Assistant Professor at Waynesburg University. Four retired educators who remain active in the field of education and who served in various capacities of teacher and administrative leadership in the public schools facilitate the workshops: Dr. Terry Kushner, Dr. Mary Ann Battaglia, Dr. Kathy Harrington, and Ms. Toni Sulkowski.

What types of content are offered at the WPEC Workshops?

The WPEC Facilitators have addressed a variety of educational topics ranging from hot topics like grading and assessment to current trends like the Common Core . Technology integration is also included in most sessions. Teachers are provided with opportunities to practice what they are learning and to apply new found skills and strategies into their school team meetings and classrooms.

How will Teachers Benefit from Attending WPEC Workshops?

Teachers are provided with many opportunities to connect and learn from other educators who attend these workshops. A lot of incidental learning occurs in school level and content level groups during the workshop day. Guest presenters who are classroom teachers using new teaching strategies like flipped classrooms and the Socratic method provide teachers with new skill sets that they can try in their own classrooms.Attendees also benefit by sharing what they have learned with their colleagues in their home districts.

What are the Costs Associated with WPEC?

The cost of the workshop day is split evenly among the districts who send teachers. In 2012-13 , the average costs was about $35 per school district for each workshop. Districts who participate are also invited to use Waynesburg University facilities during the school day at no charge.

When are the WPEC Workshops Held?

There are four workshop days, usually one each nine weeks. The 2013-2014 Sessions kick off on October 17, 2013 at 8:00 AM at Waynesburg University, Southpointe Campus. Tentative dates for this year are: December 5, 2013, February 18, 2014, and May 6, 2014. All sessions begin at 8:00 AM and end at about 2:30-3:00 PM. Attendees are given a block of time to have lunch on their own.

Who Should I Contact for More Information or to Join the WPEC?

If you would like to join the WPEC, please contact Dr. Larry Kushner at 724-743-2260 or via email at lkushner@waynesburg.edu .